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The Christian Comedy Network Partnership Program offers a unique opportunity for local churches and organizations to collaborate with The Christian Comedy Network in hosting comedy events to raise funds for their ministry. As believers, we understand the crucial role of the church in our community and the need for necessary funds to maintain its operations. This program was created to be a blessing to the body of Christ by providing a way for churches to raise funds without any financial risk. By partnering with us, your church can sell tickets to our scheduled comedy events as a fund-raiser, with each ticket sold resulting in a $10 return to support your ministry. This partnership eliminates any upfront costs as The Christian Comedy Network covers the expenses of entertainment and venue. All that is required is a signed agreement to hold a fund-raiser on an assigned date. We are excited to build ministry partnerships with churches and organizations and invite them to contact us to be a part of our next event. We are grateful for their support of The Christian Comedy Network and look forward to working together for the greater good. Interested parties can call today at 866-804-3378 ext 23. 


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