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The Christian Comedy Network is a platform that aims to spread laughter and joy through clean comedy shows. We bring together talented comedians from all over the world, who are capable of performing for our Clean Comedy events. While not all of our comedians are Christians, but they follow our clean comedy guidelines.  Our ultimate mission is to win souls for Christ. During our events, we have an altar call where we pray for and encourage individuals to come to Christ. As the Bible says, "he that winneth souls is wise," and we believe that through laughter and entertainment, we can inspire individuals to open their hearts to God. Our comedians strictly follow our guidelines to ensure that the message of love and salvation is conveyed in each performance. Our intent is not just to entertain, but also to inspire others to come to Christ. We invite everyone to join us for any of our events and witness the power and love of God through the medium of clean comedy. Let's spread the message of hope and joy together! 

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