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Comedian Tony K

Tony K is a highly talented comedian who hails from Chicago, Illinois. With over 22 years of experience in the comedy industry, he has established himself as a renowned figure in the profession. As the CEO and Founder of "The Christian Comedy Network", he has created a platform for professional and talented comedians, musicians, and entertainers to showcase their skills. Tony K's mission is to bring together the best of the best in Christian entertainment, enriching lives and spreading the love of God through comedy, networking, and laughter. He has been recognized for his skills and has starred in the movie "Why Men Cheat" directed by Mark Harris, performed for NBC's "Stand-up for Diversity", and shared the stage with other great comedians like Tommy Davidson, David Mann, Damon Williams, Small Fire, Chocolate, Jonathan Slocumb, and more. Additionally, Tony K has also toured with renowned choirs such as the Stella Awards Winner "New Direction Choir" and the Chicago Mass Choir from his hometown. Through his work, Tony K not only allows comedians to utilize their gifts on stage but also gives them a platform to experience the joy of cultivating Christian experiences. 

His Testimony
In 2010 Comedian Tony K became sick and was told that he had severe Liver damage due to scar tissue in the liver.Comedian Tony K began treatment but his illness began to make a turn for the worst. But he never stopped what God had called him to do.  In 2012 Tony K had 9 Blood transfusions and was given 48hrs to live by the doctors.  Also in 2012 Tony K lost his wife in death,  but his desire to carry out God's mission and his faith pulled him through.  And on June 13th 2013 Tony K received a Liver Transplant at Northwestern Hospital that gave him a second chance at life.  Tony K is still doing what God has called him to do and won't stop until his work is finished.
After Given 24hr To Live......He Never Gave Up

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